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Trial Run: Chinese Restaurant Tea

As a special treat for finishing the bulk of my exams, I decided to make myself steak tips on the grill for dinner. So I made the trip to Tops, where tips were on sale (yes!) and then moved to the international food aisle to pick up some Kikkoman teriyaki sauce to marinate the steak. While I was there, this caught my eye:

Chinese restaurant tea

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I was THRILLED! As I mentioned in my bio, my childhood consumption of black tea from small, handle-less cups at the Golden Bowl Chinese restaurant in Quincy, MA, was instrumental to my growth into a tea aficionado. I had no idea that such a thing existed in tea-bag form, at a chain supermarket, and with such a slap-in-the-face-obvious name!

Naturally, I bought some and brewed a cup right when I got home. I prepared it just like my grandmother had at the long-closed Golden Bowl — sweetened with a little sugar but without milk. It looked and tasted EXACTLY how I remembered it! Mahogany in color with a delicate, peppery flavor.

In response to my find, my mom said, “Now we just have to track down the Golden Bowl’s egg rolls.”

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