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A Great Tea Groupon

I’m always on the lookout for a good deal. I shop the clearance rack, sift through the piles at thrift stores, and am a shark when it comes to eBay.

So, naturally, the proliferation of online coupon sites like Groupon, CoupTessa, and LivingSocial (I’m a member of all three) is absolutely thrilling to me. Even more exciting, however, is when these sites toss something my way that is perfectly in my wheelhouse.

Today, on Syracuse Groupon, there is coupon for a Flowering Tea Gift Set. The set includes a hand-blown glass teapot, a tea infuser, and 12 different kinds of flowering tea for $19. The set typically sells for $35, which means you save 46 percent!

Flowering Tea Set

Flowering teas add an additional sense to the aesthetic experience of drinking tea, and this is a great way to give them a try on the cheap. And just think of the Instagram photos!

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A little Sunday night tea humor

Mr. Tea teapot

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Your Infuser is Hungry

This tea infuser will have you too scared to go in the water.

Industrial designer Pablo Matteoda, of Argentina, created the Sharky Tea Infuser. Unfortunately, it is currently a design only and is not available for purchase.

Sharky the Tea Infuser

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Squeasy tea bag squeezer

Ingenious! Behold, the Squeasy: a way to squeeze the remaining liquid from your teabag without burning your fingers. Many tea-drinkers I know will just toss the bag while it’s still dripping, but you sacrifice a lot of flavor from your cuppa if you don’t wring it out.

Want one? Click here.

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